Tolo is a small village in Greece on the Peloponnese peninsula, near Nafplio. It is part of the municipal unit Asini, in Argolis.

The bay of Tolon was first written about by Homer, as was Asini in the Iliad, named as one of the cities whose fleet took part in the Trojan War. In the centuries to come the bay of Tolon gave refuge to battle ships at various times and then during the Byzantine period was revived as an auxiliary port to Nafplio.

Following the Fourth Crusade and the break-up of the Byzantine Empire (1204 AD), along with the rest of the Peloponnese, the area came under Frankish rule until 1389 AD, when it was then taken over by the Venetians, and in 1540 AD to the Ottomans.

Following the Greek Revolution, a number of ethnic-Greek refugees from Crete were resettled in Tolon.  After the establishment of the independent Kingdom of Greece, in 1834, by Royal Decree, a city was founded at the Port of Tolon and named Minoa after Minos the legendary king of Crete.
 After the liberation of Crete the remaining refugees in the area formed a fishing village which eventually became known as Tolon in 1916.

From the middle of the 20th century, Tolon saw the beginning of the tourist industry and evolved into a famous summer destination.

Today, Tolo is a highly recognizable area. The two main features are the two islands that adorn the bay: The Koronisi with the church of the Holy Apostles and Romvi or island of Aphrodite.

Koronisi island
Romvi or island of Aphrodite
There are many traditional fish restaurants along the beach, offering local seafood and traditional Greek dishes. Younger people will get excited by the nightlife it has to offer. Disco bars and live stages offer entertainment until the early hours of the morning.

Psili Ammos beach 2 km long, is covered with fine golden sand. The phase is dredging the sea, making it safe for young children.

Psili Ammos Beach
Drone Experience

The town has been served by public bus (KTEL Argolida), which provides daily services to all destinations in region as well as other major Greek centers such as Athens. The journey to Athens takes less than two hours, going via Corinth / Isthmos and Argos.

You can also rent a car or a bike and drive an 144 km distance from Athens to Tolo, in almost 105 minutes. The distance from Nafplio to Tolo is 12 km, almost 15 minutes driving.

Almost half an hour from the famous archaeological sites of Mycenae and Epidavros.

Lions Gate Mycenae
Ancient Theatre in Epidaurus